How To Check and Top Up Your Engine Oil

How To Check and Top Up Your Engine Oil

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How To Check & Top-Up The Engine Oil Of Your Vehicle

Park Your Car On Flat Ground

Before you touch anything on your vehicle, you will want to make sure that the vehicle is parked on a level surface. Having your vehicle on a perfectly horizontal surface will allow you to read the vehicle's oil level properly, rather than getting a reading that is too high or too low.

Locate The Dipstick & Wipe It Clean

After you have parked your vehicle on an even surface, you will need to find its dipstick, usually given a yellow or orange top. The dipstick is easy to remove and can just be pulled straight out of its holder. If not, you may have to unscrew the dipstick. Once you have removed the dipstick from your vehicle's engine, wipe it completely clean of any fluid or debris. You should notice notches in the dipstick once it is clean; these notches are important and will provide a reading for your vehicle's oil level. Once the dipstick is clean, place it back into its holder.

Remove The Dipstick Again & Check The Level

After placing your vehicle's dipstick fully back into its holder, immediately remove it again and check to see what notch the oil on the stick is at to indicate the level. The dipstick has two notches on most vehicles, one notch representing the maximum oil level and another notch representing the minimum oil level. While it is okay for your vehicle's oil level to sit between the two notches, if the vehicle's oil level is underneath the minimum oil level notch, you will need to add oil to its engine immediately.

Fill Up The Oil Using A Funnel

If your level is low, add the recommended oil through the oil cap and monitor the level to avoid overfilling the engine. It is helpful to use a funnel to prevent spills, and you should add oil in small amounts to avoid overfilling.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Often Should You Top-Up Engine Oil?

The frequency at which you may have to top up your engine oil depends on how often you drive and the type of oil your vehicle uses. Routinely check your vehicle's oil level using its dipstick, and add oil as is necessary. Our Parts Centre can help you find the appropriate oil type so that you can keep your engine's oil level at its correct level.

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Contact us if you need help with maintenance for your vehicle or would like an oil change. You can schedule a service appointment at our Service Centre, and our experts will take care of all your automotive needs.


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