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Trading in your vehicle is simpler than you might think, whether you still have a car loan to pay off or not. Here's what you should know.

Ending a car lease in advance could seem difficult or costly. Of course, you probably always have the option of buying out the rest of the cost and term remaining in the lease. But other available options can work out better.

Thankfully, some businesses make these options much easier. Truro Mitsubishi is one of Nova Scotia's most well-known dealerships. Our New and Pre-Owned Inventory is stocked for all budgets and preferences. The Trade-In Appraisal tool we offer is easy-to-use and streamlines the trade-in vehicle process forms and questions to make the estimation value of your vehicle as seamlessly as possible.

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Can I Trade-In My Leased Vehicle?

The option of a leased vehicle trade-in for a new lease is oftentimes possible if you are not nearing the end of your lease. You can still trade in your current vehicle and lease to the dealership and pick up a new vehicle with a new lease.

Go to your dealership or leasing dealership and ask if they will take a trade-in for a new lease. If the value of the older vehicle is less than what you still owe on the lease, you must add the difference to the new lease when calculating payments.

For example, say you lease a tiny sedan and, a year or two later, you have a child and require a larger family vehicle; you can trade it in for a larger SUV or van as long as you can manage to pay for the additional lease payments.

Can I Trade-In Two Vehicles For One?

Yes, it can be done, although it is often an unusual route. Car dealerships may suggest buying one car outright or taking in both, and then the dealership just adds the remaining owing amount to the car's selling price. Contact us for more information and assistance.

How To Trade In My Car?

You can use an online tool to generate an estimate of the value of your vehicle and then call a dealer for a more thorough assessment. Your vehicle may be worth more or less than the valuation based on several factors, but this cannot be confirmed until the dealership performs a visual check and drives your vehicle for a few kilometres to verify its mechanical condition.